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Christmas Hampers

Complete Hamper

5lb Turkey Breast Joint, 4lb Beef Joint, 4lb Pork Joint, 4lb Gammon Joint, 1lb Sausage Meat, 1lb Lincolnshire Sausages, 1lb Back bacon, 16 Pigs in Blankets, Pork Pie, Chutney, Stuffing Mix, Plum Loaf, Cheese Selection


Family Hamper

3lb Turkey Breast Joint, 3lb Beef Joint, 3lb Gammon Joint, 1lb Sausage Meat, 1lb Lincolnshire Sausages, 1lb Back Bacon, 8 Pigs in Blankets, Stuffing Mix, Pork Pie, Chutney


Small Hamper

2lb Turkey Breast Joint, 2lb Beef Joint, 2lb Pork Joint, 1lb Lincolnshire Sausages, 1/2lb Back Bacon, 6 Pigs in Blankets, Pork Pie


Birthday Prize Draw Winners!

We are happy to announce that the following were the winners of our Birthday prize draw!

  • 1st prize – £25 voucher went to Heidi Morris with ticket no. 42
  • 2nd prize – £10 voucher went to Sarah Gamble with ticket no. 347
  • 3rd prize – £10 voucher went to Peter and Pam Whiten with ticket no. 140

Thanks to everyone for taking part.

New Sausage

We’re introducing a new sausage this week… pork n’ oats with red onion and garlic… available from Thursday…

Remember that for every £5 spent in the shop this week you receive a raffle ticket for our prize draw which will be drawn at 12pm on Saturday 30th August “our 1st birthday”!

Our First Birthday!

On Sat 30th of August we will be celebrating our 1st birthday.

From Tuesday 26th August, for every £5.00 spent in our shop we will be giving our customers a raffle ticket, then on the Saturday we will be making the draw at 12 o’clock for three lucky winners for meat vouchers.

Come join us from 10 am for cake and wine!