About Brown's Family Butchers

Scartho’s Local Butchers

We’re Graham and Karen Brown, and we opened our butchers shop doors to the public in August 2013. Since opening the shop both our local free range and our exotic outback products have proved consistently popular. Between us we have over 40 years of experience in the butchers trade. During this time, together with the teams we have worked with, have won 26 awards in the prestigious Lincolnshire Poacher and Bpex competitions in recognition of the quality of our work.

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Exotic Meat

As well as top quality local produce, at Brown’s Family Butchers we also stock a great selection of exotic meats from the outback. This selection includes zebra, kangaroo, ostrich, alpaca, crocodile, buffalo, venison and springbok. Amongst our most popular outback products are the richly flavoured kangaroo fillet steaks and the wonderful buffalo ribeye steaks. These are a fantastic alternative to beef for those who are seeking a change for their Friday night dinner.

Most of our exotic meats are also available as sausages and burgers, allowing you to have an authentic outback BBQ in your own back garden! To see our full range have a gander at our products section.

Local Produce

At Brown’s quality means everything to us so we take great care in our product selection. You can really taste the difference in our genuine free range pork. It is supplied by Anna’s Happy Trotters in Yorkshire, and here’s what Anna has to say about the pigs that produce our pork, gammon, and bacon:

“We have bred our pigs outside from the very beginning and in 2007 we decided to take it one step further, and after weaning carry on growing our pigs outside so that they would be 100% Free Range from start to finish. There are only 1 – 2% of pigs produced in this way in the UK and so our pigs really are “la creme de la creme”!”

Our other local suppliers include meat wholesaler Weddle Swift and free range chickens supplier Ken Briggs of Market Rasen.